Happy New Year 2017 SMS Messages for Parents, Friends and Lovers

Happy New Year 2017 Folks!! The popular occasion is approaching very soon with much excitement adding fun. It is a massive celebration for all the people worldwide. People across different countries already commenced their preparations in an incredible way. On this day, people exchange their grand wishes and greetings with their friends and families. Now, everyone is enthusiastically exploring for the best Happy New Year 2017 SMS Messages on the web. In order to rejoice this great occasion, people invite their loving ones to their house.

The New Year is a grand ceremony that comprises full of joy and fun among every individual. This is the best way to share quality amount of time with your friends, families, and relatives. Mostly, people exchange Happy New Year 2017 messages in English language across the world. Not only English, you can send the best messages and wishes in any other language like Telugu, Hindi, Punjabi, Odisha, Tamil, Kannada and Bengal. There is plethora of languages across the world. You can now send the best greetings to your friends in English language.

Happy New Year 2017 Messages, SMS for Parents:

Happy New Year 2017 SMS Messages for Parents

You need to have some goal in life and try to accomplish it this year. You can also take resolution so that you can keep up your promise. You can take some serious decisions on this day and you need to think a lot before deciding. People take some resolutions on this day like quitting bad habits for the New Year. It is obvious that no one endures their promise for the whole year. Here is a great collection of the best Happy New Year 2017 quotes Messages you can exchange with friends. You can also make use of various platforms to send your wishes. Have a glace!

Hope The new year
Brings A Lot Of Good Cheer For You,
May All Your Dreams Will Be True,
Hope The Year Also
Bring Gigabyte Of Fun,
Happy new year 2017.

Lovely As A Crystal Stream,
Tranquil As A Gentle Breeze,
Bright As Blossoms In The Sun
Tomorrows Possibilities!
May U Have A Happy new year 2017 wishes

You are definitely the Best Father on Earth; you have always been my guide of all times. May this New Year bring with it more days of happiness and prosperity.Happy New Year Father.

I know dad you are quiet as you always do, but in your silence you love me all years through. I love you too and will always do. Happy New Year Dad!

Ι may be bad sοmetimes but Ιt is just my way οf getting your Αttention and feeling lοved. Happy Νew Year!Fοr being the best Ρarents, cheers!

Ι may not learn tο stand if you had not guided me οn Μy first step. Ι would not Βe able to say kind wοrds, Ιf you did not teach me tο utter my first wοrds. Μost of all, Ι wouldn’t be the Ρerson that
Ι am now if nοt because of Τhe guidance you Αlways give Μe. Thank yοu.

Ι wish this Νew Year unfolds Νew avenues for yοu and gives yοu the strength tο fight all οdds! Happy Νew Year.

Happy New Year 2017 SMS Messages for Friends:

Happy New Year 2017 SMS Messages for Friends

despite of the
distance between us
I feel you close to me
’cause of the friendship
you shine into my soul
have a heart filling new year

may the gift of friendship
sparkle in your heart
the whole year through
let this magic of closeness
spread among your loved ones
happy new year my friend

as your friend I know
how hard you’ve worked the past year
may all your efforts
turn into great achievements
have a successful new year

You are part of my family, you’re one
of my clan. I hold you in my heart.
Therefore, it is sincere wishes because
this happy new year 2017 begins.

This time of year gives us a
new beginning. I would like to
take this opportunity to start again
with you and I wish you love
and peace in the new year 2017

Happy New Year 2017 SMS Messages for Lovers:

Happy New Year 2017 SMS Messages for Lovers

May this new year bring many
opportunities your way, To explore
every joy of life & turning all your dreams
into reality & all your efforts into
great achievements. Happy New Year 2017 wishes for friends

Little Keys Open Big Locks,
Simple Words Reflect Great Thoughts,
Your Smile Can Cure Heart Blocks,
So Keep On Smiling It Rocks.
Wish You New Year 2017

My Dear Boyfriend,
I Would Like To Kiss You On December
31st From 11:59 Pm To 12:01
Am So I Can Boast An Immense Ending To 2016
& Boast An Amazing Start
For The New Year 2017.
Wish U A Happhappynewyear2017gfbf.com y New Year 2017.

God gives You..,
12 Month of Happiness,
52 Weeks of Fun,
365 Days Success,
8760 Hours Good HEALTH,
52600 Minutes Good Luck,
3153600 Seconds of Joy..and that’s all!

Memorable moment r celebrated together,
U r my best friend for now & forever,
Make me Miss U even more this New Year,
Hope this new year 2017 bring Happiness for you Dear.

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